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Sonarca Sound Recorder XiFi is a studio quality sound recorder designed for low-latency, high-fidelity, crystal clear sound recording. It supports all mainstream audio interfaces like MME, DirectSound, WASAPI, ASIO, WDM Kernel Streaming. With this high-definition streamlined MP3 recorder, you can easily record various sound input to dozens of audio formats effortlessly.

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Sound Recorder Win 7 FullSound Recorder Win10Compact Mode
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Key Features

Sound Recorder - Edition Matrix


Sonarca Sound Recorder Free

Sonarca Sound Recorder
Audio Interface
WDM Kernel Streaming
WASAPI Loopback Recording
Redirect Captured Sound While Recording
Low Latency Recording
Supported Audio Formats
Customized Format
Supports Multiple Sound Input
Sound Channels

Maximum Sampling Frequency

44100 Hz
192000 Hz
Bit Resolution
8 Bit Unsigned Integer
8 Bit Signed Integer
16 Bit Signed Integer
8 Bit Unsigned Integer
8 Bit Signed Integer
16 Bit Signed Integer
24 Bit Signed Integer
32 Bit Signed Integer
32 Bit Float Point
Customized Sound Recording
Noise Suppression
DC Offset Cancellation

Digital Signal Processing Effects

frequency filtering
amplitude gain
speed adjustment
earphone enhancement
vocal removal

Compact View Mode
Topmost Window
User Defined Global Hotkeys
Internal Input Line/Volume control
Silence Detection
On-the-fly Sound Recording
Audio Visualizers
Amplitude Bars
Amplitude Digit

Output File Management

Metadata Editor
Post-recording Actions
Do Nothing
Show MessageBox
Balloon Notification
Do Nothing
Show MessageBox
Balloon Notification
Log Off
Diagnose and Print Detailed Sound Device Info
Supports Multichannel, Professional, External USB Sound Cards.
Supports Several Sound Cards at the Same System
Write Log
Windows 10/8.1/7 Compatible
Technical Support
Free Update
Personal & Private Usage
Public or Commercial Usage
Price Per Licence

* This feature is for registered users only.

Sound Recorder - Windows Vista Missing Device Troubleshooting

Windows Vista made some major changes to audio controls which negatively impact the users ability to record from the sound card. The ability to record from the sound card will be dependent on your system's sound card and drivers. It is important to make sure that you have the latest drivers installed for your sound card. Install the latest drivers before proceeding with these steps.

On some systems you may be able to enable a recording device as follows:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. In classic view, go to Sound
  3. Go to the Recording tab.
  4. If you only see "microphone" and/or "line-in", right-click anywhere in the blank white area of the window to display the Show Disabled Devices context menu. Select Show Disabled Devices:

    windows audio control panel recording tab

  5. If Stereo Mix, Wave-Out Mix, Wave, What U Hear, or something similar appears, right click on that entry and choose Enable:
    windows audio control panel recording tab

  6. Click OK - In the case of the example above, we have just enabled the "Stereo Mix" recording device. Keep in mind this is dependent upon your sound card hardware and drivers. You may or may not have this line available.
  7. To make this newly enabled device the default recording device, highlight it and click the Set Default button, or right-click on the device and select Set as Default Device:
    windows audio control panel recording tab

If you were able to successfully enable a recording line, select the appropriate audio device as audio source prior to recording.

Sound Recorder - System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements


Recommended System Requirements


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